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What is Microdacyn  Wound Care

The Microdacyn wound care family of products consists of liquids and gels that contain similar oxidising molecules to those produced by cells in our immune system when our bodies naturally respond to infection.


One of these molecules present in Microdacyn wound care is hypochlorous acid, clinically proven to reduce the risk of wound infection while remaining non-damaging to healthy skin to aid optimal healing

Microdacyn Wound Care is based on a medical technology breakthrough whereby it physically removes germs in a totally antibiotic-free process

Both Microdacyn Wound Care Solution & Hydrogel​ come as pump spray bottles for a clean,

no touch application to help stop possible infections from spreading

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Tripple Effect

Triple Benefit to Wound Care

Reduces Infection Risk

Technology-leading protection, effective against a broad-range of micro-orgnasims that can lead to infection

Improves Healing

Clinical studies demonstrate improved time to heal when using Microdacyn Vs commonly used antiseptics such as povidone-iodine.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can cause redness, pain and delayed healing. Microdacyn helps address some of the causes of inflammation to help you heal

Why is Microdacyn  Wound Care Different

Other wound care solutions that are used to fight infection can contain nasty, toxic chemicals that are damaging to healthy skin and can slow wound healing.


Microdacyn is different because its ingredients dont cause damage to the healthy skin allowing you to heal as fast as possible!

Common Antiseptics

Stings/burns on application

Can stain skin & clothing

Damages healthy tissue

Can slow healing

Strict application guidelines

Known chemical allergens

Can cause irritation

Only suitable for small wounds

Microdacyn® Wound Care

No stinging or pain

Colorless and non-staining

Non toxic to healthy tissue

Shown to improve healing

Safely apply to all wounds



Indicated for ALL wounds

Why Microdacyn

Technology-Leading Treatments

Prevention in those

Everyday Cuts & Grazes


Microdacyn is easy to use, with no stinging or burning on application making it perfect for easily preventing infection in those minor skin breaks and grazes

Simply spray Microdacyn Wound Care directly onto the compromised area up to 3 times a day until healed

Microacyn Australa

Accessing Microdacyn®  Locally

Show These Codes To Your Local Australian Pharmacy

  • Wholesaler Codes: Symbion
    Microdacyn Wound Care Solution 120ml: 505 005 Microdacyn Hydrogel 60ml: 499 919
  • Wholesaler Codes: Sigma Healthcare
    Microdacyn Wound Care Solution 120ml: 320 655 Microdacyn Hydrogel 60ml: 320 663
  • Wholesaler Codes: API
    Microdacyn Wound Care Solution 120ml: 37 979 Microdacyn Hydrogel 60ml: 38 131
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Render 2 (1).png
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Codes Consumer
Treatment Guide

How to use Microdacyn®  Wound Care

First Aid / Acute Wounds

This includes all cuts, grazes & abrasions

Apply Microdacyn Wound Care Solution liberally to the wounded area to aid in cleaning out debris & foreign material ensuring you are left with a clean, germ-free environment for optimal healing

Do not rinse out

Cover with any dressing & reapply Microdacyn Wound Care Solution at every dressing change or up to 3 times daily until total healing is achieved

Microdacyn Wound Care Solution can be used to wet adhered dressings to aid in their removal

Tip: A section of gauze of bandage saturated in Microdacyn Wound Care Solution is great for cleaning in and around the wound

Acute Treatment

Chronic Wounds & Burns

Such as ulcerations & pressure injuries

Generously apply Microdacyn Wound Care Solution directly into the wounded area, continue to apply Microdacyn Wound Care Solution as any slough or debris is removed

Use Microdacyn Wound Care Solution to soak a piece of gauze of bandage and apply this to the wounded area for 10 minutes, be sure to apply more solution if it begins to dry out

This additional soaking time helps ensure stubborn germs are removed and will help hydrate any additional slough/debris that needs to be removed

Microdacyn Hydrogel is applied as required depending upon the wound type and the requirement for donated moisture

Microdacyn Hydrogel is to be applied 2-5mm thick and may remain in contact with the wound for up to 3 days

Microdacyn Hydrogel can be rinsed away with Microdacyn Wound Care Solution when redressing


Microdacyn Hydrogel should be applied as often as required to keep the burn wound sufficiently hydrated and protected from infection. Additionally, Microdacyn Hydrogel is immediately cooling and soothing.

Reapply Microdacyn Wound Care Solution at every dressing change or up to 3 times daily until total healing is achieved

The treatment of chronic wounds & burns should be directed by your healthcare professional

Chronic Treatment
Burn Treatment

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