The Science Behind Microdacyn

Microdacyn is pH neutral, non-irritating and non-cytotoxic solution
that's gently applied to even the most delicate wounds & human anatomy
Yet can aggressively reduce microbes in seconds, improve the wounds microcirculatory environment & penetrate biofilms rapidly to kill from within

Microdacyn  Mechanism

Physical, Not Chemical

Microdacyn uses a combination of osmotic force (hypotonicity) to swell the cell with active fluid and targeted oxidative attack to the inner vital components of the cell such as DNA.


A steep osmotic gradient created between the cell and the solution delivers the highly oxidizing components via diffusion across the cell membrane directly to the essential cellular structures. 


Increasing internal osmotic pressure coupled with widespread oxidative damage cause it to physically rupture (burst). The remaining exposed cellular material is subsequently oxidised leading to a total loss of function and cell death.

  Step 1   
Microdacyn® surrounds single-cell microorganisms.
The highly oxidative Microdacyn Solution is drawn to the single cell of the microorganisms by osmosis and the neutrally charged super-oxidised components can penetrate into the cell wall oxidizing it and increasing its permeability.
Since our body’s own cells have the necessary processes to prevent cell damage using anti-oxidants, they are not made permeable
  Step 2  
The hypotonic Microdacyn® solution ensures that water increasingly flowing into the cell to balance the osmotic gradient.
The increasing internal pressure and increasingly widespread oxidation of internal cell structures causes it to finally burst under water pressure
This purely physical effect ensures a highly effective reduction in pathogen load very quickly.
This mechanism does not generate bacterial resistance!

How Effective is Microdacyn?


In much the same way humans cooperate to better our chances of survival, so do bacteria and other pathogens.


Given the chance to communicate (quorum sensing), pathogens work together to build a physical 'shield' (polymeric matrix) in defence to the host's immune system which is also very effective at limiting the effectiveness of antibiotics and many commonly used antiseptics


BioFilms are not visually identifiable within a wound but may be deduced by the experienced clinicians as a result of a hindrance to typical wound healing.

Below is an example of the effect Microdacyn has on Biofilm that is unique to super-oxidising solutions    


 BioFilm Action 
  • Microdacyn rapidly penetrates biofilms killing microbes within.
  • This effect also disaggregates the biofilm structure making it less adherent and more easily removed
  • Finally, Microdacyn physically reduces the biofilm mass as the scaffolding of the matrix is damaged internally and the living microbial colony is eliminated. 
Biofilms are present in over 80% of chronic wounds and Microdacyn provides a simple and effective method to manage them quickly.
 BioFilm Kill Example
Below shows fluorescence spectroscopy of a mature Pseudomonas arganosoia biofilm before the addition of Microdacyn
Under fluorescence:
living microbes appear Green
& Dead microbes appear Red 
You can easily see the whole cluster is illuminated bright green indicating a living microbial colony
time = 0
Now compare the fluorescence spectroscopy of the same Pseudomonas arganosoia biofilm after the continued exposure to Microdacyn after 10 minutes
You can easily see the cluster has been uniformly penetrated whereby the green has turned red indicating the majority of living microbes have now been killed
time = 10

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