Treat With Microdacyn At Every Dressing Change or Up To Three Times Daily

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Understanding Infection


Biofilm: a structured community of microbes with genetic diversity and variable gene expression (phenotype) that creates behaviors and defenses used to produce unique infections (chronic infection). Biofilms are characterized by significant tolerance to antibiotics and biocides while remaining protected from host immunity.

  • Failure of appropriate antibiotic treatment
  • Recalcitrance to appropriate antimicrobial treatment
  • Recurrence of delayed healing on cessation of antibiotic treatment
  • Delayed healing despite optimal wound management and health support
  • Increased exudate/moisture
  • Low-level chronic inflammation
  • Low-level erythema
  • Poor granulation/friable hyper granulation
  • Secondary signs of infection

Microdacyn Effect on Biofilm

The latest guidelines published by the international wound infection institute cite super-oxidised hypochlorous acid (Microdacyn) with the ability to "penetrate biofilm rapidly, killing formations from within"

IWII 2016 Cover.png

Download the guidelines by clicking the cover

For more information on biofilms visit "The Evidence" section

Microdacyn has a printed shelf life of up to 24 months

Microdacyn must be discarded 60 days from opening

Microdacyn does not promote bacterial resistance


Microdacyn is a compatible instilation with;

  • Ultrasonic Debridement (USD)

  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWTi eg VAC Veraflow)

  • Positive Pressure Systems (eg Versajet)


Microdacyn is indicated for any human cavity or mucosal lining without restriction


Microdacyn is compatible with all dressing types including silver (Ag)

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