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Microdacyn is pH neutral super-oxidised solution (SOS) & hydrogel intended to establish an optimal microenvironment for wound healing while reducing the risk of infection in acute, chronic and burn wounds.

Microdacyn facilitates rapid wound cleansing with an antimicrobial effect including penetration to effect biofilm-based microbes.

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Clinically proven to reduce wound healing time vs standard care

A  randomized control trial comparing the healing and infection control of diabetic foot ulcers greater than 5cm2 (n= 40).

  • The number of healed wounds at 6 months was significantly greater in the Microdacyn group (90% vs 55% p<0.01)

  • The average wound healing time was significantly shorter 10.5 ± 5.9 vs 16.5 ± 7.1 weeks (p=0.007)

  • Reinfections were significantly fewer in the Microdacyn group (p<0.05)

  • Duration of antibiotic therapy was significantly shorter in the Microdaycn group
    (10.1 ± 6.1 weeks vs15.8 ± 7.8 weeks p<0.05)

Shorter time to wound healing with Microdacyn is cost-saving

As wounds achieved healing in fewer weeks Piaggesi and co reported a cost-saving of 40%  mainly related to shorter systemic antibiotic therapy and fewer surgical procedures

Modelling local cost-benefit at a conservative per wound treatment cost of $30 p/week;

  • The cost-saving per 20 patients undergoing treatment for diabetic foot ulcers greater than 5cm2 with Microdaycn is >$4000

  • That is a saving >$200 per patient

  • This only includes immediate costs such as clinician time and dressing use.
    The real cost-saving is likely to much greater.


  • Microdacyn use is cost-saving


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Penetrates Biofilm

Years of scientific research and international guidelines for wound infection describe super-oxidised solutions that are uniquely able to;

"rapidly penetrate biofilm removing microbial formations from within"

Visit the Biofilm Control section for me information


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