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In this section you will find a step by step guide of how to use Microdacyn with simple justification 


Is biofilm-based wound care required?

Biofilm cannot be directly visualised in a wound. The experienced clinician may suspect biofilm is present through observation of indicative wound characteristics
Criteria indicative of potential biofilm - International Wound Infection Institute Guidelines 2016
  • Failure of appropriate antibiotic treatment
  • Recalcitrance to appropriate antimicrobial treatment
  • Recurrence of delayed healing on cessation of antibiotic treatment
  • Delayed healing despite optimal wound management and health support
  • Increased exudate/moisture
  • Low-level chronic inflammation
  • Low-level erythema
  • Poor granulation/friable hyper granulation
  • Secondary signs of infection
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Biofilm: a structured community of microbes with genetic diversity and variable gene expression (phenotype) that creates behaviors and defenses used to produce unique infections (chronic infection). Biofilms are characterized by significant tolerance to antibiotics and biocides while remaining protected from host immunity.

If the wound is failing to respond to infection treatment it is best to suspect biofilm and treat accordingly.

Microdacyn poses no toxic threat to the wound in treating this way


No Biofilm

If the wound is free of infection, granulating and is healing / progressing;
Direct a light, fresh spray of Microdacyn into the wound bed and cover / dress as appropriate for the wound​



To gain control in difficult or chronic wounds Microdacyn Wound Care Solution requires greater contact time with a clean wound bed to penetrate deep within the biofilm and effectively reduce the biofilm structure.
Place a Microdacyn compress soak on a clean wound bed for 10 minutes or more.
Other than maceration there is no limiting factor in contact time.
The greater the contact time, the greater the physical effect in destroying the biofilm.
To ensure biofilm clearance, this biofilm directed treatment must be aggressively repeated every 24-36 hours for the first 5 days.
This will effectively destroy the existing biofilm structures and eliminate associated infection driving biofilm recurrence.
Once the wound shows healthy signs of progression after 5 days treatment may be scaled back as required.
Once the biofilm has been compress soaked direct a light, fresh spray of Microdacyn into the wound bed and cover / dress as appropriate for the wound
Microdacyn Hydrogel may be applied at this stage if the wound would benefit from donated moisture.
This is based on clinical judgment
Apply Micordacyn Hydrogel 2-5mm thick and cover/dress as appropriate
Microdacyn Hydrogel can be left for up to 3 days
Microdacyn Wound Care Solution & Microdacyn Hydrogel are compatible with all dressing types (incl Ag) and wound treatment systems including vacuum assisted closure & ultrasonic debridement.
Please refer to your dressing or bandage provider for specific instructions if required.
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